pink + gold pinch bowls :: perfect for Mom

These seashell-esque stoneware bowls are the ideal size for holding snacks, safety pins, jewelry, or even a small candle. We use them on our table filled with salt, for a sprinkle at a moment’s notice. Glazed in a soft pink with a splash of gold, this set of two is the perfect gift for someone who has everything. ~ Food52

Get these Brooklyn-made pinch bowls HERE!

Photography by Bobbi Lin and James Ransom of Food52

Asparagus: a complete cooking guide

The march of Spring. You have not long to prepare. The asparagus are coming, from many directions. From California and Mexico, where they have been up and harvesting for weeks—from Springfield, Oregon, to Springfield, Missouri, to Springfield, Massachusetts—where they are just beginning to push through the warm soil. ~ Peter Miller via Food52

Read Peter’s “A Guide to Cooking Every Asparagus, From the Straggly to the Chunky” HERE!

Photo by James Ransom

Unexpected Spring Dressing

When you think of dressing, you probably think of salads, but our favorite spring condiment is made for anything but leafy greens. Gribiche is an all-purpose dressing that will brighten the flavor of crispy-skinned fish, roasted asparagus, crispy potatoes, or even a piece of toast. And guess what? It’s made with hard-boiled eggs. ~Alyse Whitney of Bon Appétit

Get Chris Morocco’s hard-boiled egg spin on gribiche here …

Image by Ted Cavanaugh